Quadralobe alumina catalyst carrier


HIGHLION is a specialized supplier of alumina catalyst carriers. With many years experience co-developing carriers for our catalyst clients, we custom
alumina catalyst carriers in a variety of shapes,we can produce almost any shape for Petrochemical and refinery plants.

We can produce alumina catalyst carrier using in different manufacturing processes including extruders/extrusion,spray dryer, tableting presses,granulators.

Extrudates: trilobes, quadralobes, butterfly shape,cylinders,rasching ring shape etc.

Quadralobe alumina catalyst carriers information:

* Diameter:1.2-6.0mm
* Length: 3.0-15.0mm
* Pore volume: 0.4-0.9ml/g
* Specific surface area: 200-400m2/g
* Radial strength: >100N/cm

Through scientific experiments, using FCC diesel as raw material, when the partial pressure of hydrogen is 6.0Mpa, the temperature is 360℃,the space velocity
is 2.0h-1,the hydrogen oil ratio is 500:1, the quadralobe shaped (four-leaf clover shaped) catalyst carrier has better hydrogenation performance.



At present,we mainly produce residual oil,wax oil hydrogenation catalyst carriers. We own centrifugal spray tower、rotary kiln etc the most advanced automatic equipments, pseudo boehmite and Si-Al power can be prilled, roasting to became r-Al2O3 or θ-Al2O3.

HIGHLION cooperates with many well-known domestic research institutes and its technology is at the international advanced level.
It has established many advanced and perfect R&D testing facilites.
It has passed the quality management system(QMS) GB/T19001-2016
It has passed enviromental management system(EMS) GB/T24001-2016
Occupational Heath and Saftey Managerment System(OHSMS) GB/T 28001-2011 certification
Established and improved the enterprise managerment system,in line with the country’s various safetty and enviromental protection system regulations, to ensure the long-term stability of the enterprise continue to develop.


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