Cylinder alumina catalyst carrier



Cylinder alumina catalyst carrier

HIGHLION uses self-produced pseudoboehmite powder as raw material, and the production capacity of catalyst carrier can reach 30000 tons/year.

① Product performance: The main component of cylinder alumina catalyst carrier is aluminum oxide, which contains one or more modifying agent elements and has superior physical and chemical properties.

② Product usage: This product is suitable for petroleum hydrocarbon hydrogenation catalyst carrier raw materials and fine chemical catalyst carriers.

③ Product specification : customizable according to customer needs.

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Tech Specs

Cylinder shape alumina catalyst carrier crystal form is γ-Al2O3 or θ- Al2O3 .This product is white trefoil granules, non-toxic, odorless,

insoluble in water and ethanol. All indexes can be adjusted according to requirements. It is widely used in adsorbent,hydrodesulfurization

catalyst carrier, hydrodenitrification catalyst carrier, CO sulfur-tolerant shift catalyst carrier and other fields.

Brand Diameter Length L.O.I Water absorption Radial strength Specific surface area Pore volume Attrition Bulk density
mm mm % % N/㎝ m2 /g ml/g % g/ml
HL-BT01 1.2-6.0 3.0-15.0 <5.0 >90.0 >60.0 200-400 0.6-0.9 <5.0 0.4-0.6
HL-BT02 1.2-6.0 3.0-15.0 <5.0 >60.0 >80.0 200-300 0.4-0.5 <3.0 0.7-0.9
HL-BT03 1.2-6.0 3.0-15.0 <5.0 >60.0 >100.0 200-300 0.5-0.6 <3.0 0.6-0.8


Zibo Highlion New Material Co.,ltd is a high-tech company specialized in producing alumina shaped catalyst carriers & supports


At present,we mainly produce residual oil,wax oil hydrogenation catalyst carriers. We own centrifugal spray tower、rotary kiln etc the most advanced automatic equipments, pseudo boehmite and Si-Al power can be prilled, roasting to became r-Al2O3 or θ-Al2O3.

HIGHLION cooperates with many well-known domestic research institutes and its technology is at the international advanced level.
It has established many advanced and perfect R&D testing facilites.
It has passed the quality management system(QMS) GB/T19001-2016
It has passed enviromental management system(EMS) GB/T24001-2016
Occupational Heath and Saftey Managerment System(OHSMS) GB/T 28001-2011 certification
Established and improved the enterprise managerment system,in line with the country’s various safetty and enviromental protection system regulations, to ensure the long-term stability of the enterprise continue to develop.


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